How to be productive

Well, here’s a vague title that you come across often when searching for how to get your life together. So let’s start again with a new title.

How to have a productive day.

when we think of our time, it’s more likely because we came across a rock-bottom productiveness in our life, and the explanation for this is straightforward: “we take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”
Since our birth, we are given all the time in the world that has been deposited for us. So we take it for granted on the contrary money is one of the most significant issues that we concern ourselves with on our daily basis, because we have to work for it.
But money isn’t finite like time, and before we know it, we have used most of our time to follow a program set by our near ancestors to survive. A list of goals that is the same for everyone “the recipe for success” they tell us, but we all have different sets of minds, and every one of us has a mixed definition success. So I suggest that before working on not wasting time you should make sure you really know what do you want to invest your time with.
For example, in my culture kids are really encouraged to prepare themselves and go to college right after high school, now this might not be a bad idea for everyone, I see a lot of postgraduates or dropouts who ditched their studies because they simply rushed into it, and of course they lack social and independent skills. But of course this is not the for everyone, In 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 69.7 percent of students who graduated high school in 2016 were enrolled in college.
The scenarios go on and on, and every plan has pros and cons. you just have to figure it out before taking that leap.
So once you’ve figured that out, I suggest that you make yourself a daily plan, now I know that might sound cliche and only useful in theory because you don’t know what’s gonna come up in your day and sometimes you might even just want to have a spontaneous day. Not to worry I’m not telling you to plan out your days a week ahead, I personally just make a simple check-list of things that I have to do with adding potential hours before I go to sleep a day before.

Here’s an example from today’s plan. it’s still 15:30 and I’ve already done the checked stuff and also managed to get some spontaneous free time for my self

And well for the spontaneousness you can always have free time in your day for that.

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