The chapter after the begining

He packed his bag, took a flight at midnight, and flew to the unknown. A one month trip to test himself before everything changes.
This is not a journal nor is it a novel or any known genre, I will not give you any labels to describe this work, the only name you’ll get is the one written in the cover of this book.
In his early years, he wasn’t much of a traveler like the others, although his travels seemed far for him and happened every day! Ashlyn and Yan didn’t exactly call them traveling.
“Have you ever been outside?” asked Ashlyn
“Yes, I have been to many places, Like all over Europe!” stated Yan in excitement.
“I have been to many places too,” said Musouka Anxiously
“Hahaha, yeah? like where?”
and they continued arguing and playing.
Ashlyn is 9, he likes watching tv, soccer, and cars.
He doesn’t like when his mother cooks terrible food when someone is better than him and homework.
We were playing in the neighborhood when I was like” let’s play WWE at your house, yan!”
“I don’t know, my mom grounded last time because Musoka started crying from the computer!”
“We won’t tell him then.”
“I will ask my mom…”
“no! don’t tell her were gonna wrestle, tell her we’re gonna play on the.. um… computer.”
“Hey Musoka, we’re gonna go home…”
“But we just got here.”
“Yeah but were bored.”
They all lived in a small city called “Wahum.”
Back then, no one knew actually what it’s like to live somewhere else. Because in the city of “Wahum.” people are raised with the fact that this place is the center of the world, people travel here for its historical fictional significance. And others come to learn in their top-notch school from all over the country. The townspeople even will look to you very rich with their big mansions, fancy cars, and expensive clothes.
Oh boy, if you were born and raised in Wahum, you’re in for a treat.

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