Identity, what a big topic to write about it, I only seem to pick blurred topics lately. Although the scenario of throwing a dart at my topic map and picking the target, it hits sound very plausible, that’s not my method.
The reason I picked this topic is that ‘it’s one of the most philosophical theories I struggle with, my novel is all about understanding the concept of who are you.
However, why am I complicating things you ask? I mean you open your wallet, and here it is your identity it is all there, the address, the name, the family etcetera, but is that really what you consider as your identity? The thing that defines you, only on a card?

Oh yeah it’s McLovin baby.

In some places, people refuse to refer their id info when asked about their originality, their family, or even their culture, a sense of not belonging is the reason, for example:
“Israel is a multicultural country even if the government wouldn’t admit it, with a little as 9 million citizens the percentage varies with respectively 74 % jews, 22% Arabs and about 4% from various other countries. However, even the Jews differ in their originality because before Israel came to be 70 years ago, the Jewish people, scattered around the earth. However, most of the Arabs when asked where are they from the most common answer would be Palestine because that’s where they believe they belong! their “original country.”
I mean what about all that anatomy that goes on under your skin. The subject that people go to colleges and dedicate their life on understanding and we still haven’t figured all that out yet.

Your consciousness if there is such a thing. Alternatively, even DNA itself! Your imagination, your actions, your looks. The little things that make a close one identify you. However, what I believe makes you, you is the experiences that you go through from the moment our memory starts functioning correctly, to the peers that surround you, your friends, your family your school etcetera, because, that’s where you form your personality. To get a better idea, you can learn about cloning, in theory of course, what if there was a clone of you, someone who looked exactly like you but isn’t you, how? The most likely answer should be that he/she was raised somewhere else among different people.
So have a beautiful day and be thankful to whomever you met an enemy a closed one or even a person you only had a conversation with once 🙂

I guess my clothes are a big part of my personality.

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