Early adulthood

After his graduation, musouka’ family didn’t have enough money or resources to support him due to mistakes in the past.
So he had to work, double shifts, hustling to get a taste of his freedom, or at least what it meant to him.
Working day in, day out with a society that kept its traditions and pushed progress further away from a self-centered society where every flower is beautiful, but bearing the same characteristics.
One of his jobs involved working at a customer service company.
Mark: “Hey man, I’ve seen how you talk with the customers, you don’t like this job, do you?”
Musouka: “of course not, who does?”
Mark:” I mean I know nobody likes dealing with the kind of people you talk to on the phone here, but it’s just that you look, um I don’t know different than us when you’re on the phone.
Well yeah, I don’t like this kind of situations that we have to get into Mark, I mean people will say anything to get what they want, they can be insulting for no reason!”
“Yeah, you’re right, just don’t let it affect your stats.”
“My stats? you think that is what affects my sales? No man
The shit we do here is not ethical, I mean we rob people legally with those products we sell them, they don’t even need those products and if they do the can get for a better price and quality. I don’t think people need to spend 100 bucks on a bracelet that will go bad in a couple of months. “
“Look man its just work.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
Going home from an 8-hour shift, nobody has the time or energy to think about why are we all working for such long hours with so little pay, or political issues that we should worry about, no.
We turn on our tv get some snacks and watch this simulating shows that don’t bear any significance to our time other than getting through it with a satisfied heart. Or we go out drinking and partying to forget our problems and have fun. Because that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

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