When searching for such a subject, we the reason is probably getting ideas or shopping interests.
This article will focus more on why we do this, why do we keep looking for more and more clothes, accessories when we can get just the right amount of clothes with nothing flashy or colorful. Maybe a set of the same outfit for every day, its less time consuming and saves us much money! For this, we have to know a bit about Decision fatigue.
In decision making and psychology, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making. It is one of the causes of irrational trade-offs in decision making.
according to Michael Lewis
“A lot of the most successful individuals amongst us wear the same outfit daily (Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, William Arruda, Albert Einstein, President Obama, and many more!)
You also need to remove from your life the day-to-day problems that absorb most people for essential parts of their day. “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” [Obama] said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.” He mentioned research that shows the simple act of making decisions degrades one’s ability to make further decisions.”

We all have to make many important decisions every day, so how can we reserve our decision-making capabilities for the things that matter? Quite merely, automate the mundane, so you never have to think about them.


Now here are a few of the tips on how to lead such a lifestyle:

  1. Like Steve, Zuckerberg, and Einstein find a few t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and dresses you like and buy multiple quantities of them. Then necessarily wear the same thing every day.
  2. Schedule a set time to exercise every day. Don’t regularly use your brainpower trying to think about when is a good time to exercise.
  3. Do your grocery shopping at the same time once a week.
  4. Design a morning routine. Fill out your morning with a lot of mundane decisions that you can learn to automate such as what to wear, what to eat, what time to leave, what time to wake up. You can automate all your morning decisions with a routine.
  5. Make a few meals that you have every day the same, this can be an excellent dieting tool, but the main idea is you don’t want to be worrying about what to make, which ingredients to use and what the nutritional value of each meal is throughout the day, every day.
    Sounds plausible when you first read it.
    However, I cant lead such a life, or better yet. I’m not willing to.
    I’m not; I’m a human and in our nature we sometimes do unpredictable things to give our life meaning or to get that little push of dopamine once in a while, now the trick is to fall in the middle. To balance it out.
    For me, every day I’m in a different person, I wake up and guess what. Its time to be excellent, I want to see colors express myself do things, sports go to events, and well with one outfit, a day is pretty much just one of the robots designed to succeed.
    Now i can bring you examples of many successful people who control their decision fatigue, but I can respectively do the opposite too! My goal is not to convince you but to share what I think. In the end, it’s your deciusion to make. Moreover, that’s not what determines whether your successful or not 🙂
I mean
look at me


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