Middle school Ash

“wait, ash! We ‘can’t do this,” stated Lu.
Rubbing his hand on her hip, she didn’t have much choice but to go with it, sending him mixed signals.
Chuckles, haha come on, I know you want to, said Ashlyn gazing at her with his cosmic eyes.
His eyes are so mysterious, she thought, black. But not really, filled with white reflections.
Her heart beat rises; she feels this urge. A strange feeling she thought, it’s like she wasn’t in control, but she was!
Rubbing her leg around him, holding her face, no one is in control now, she thought. But i read an article about this a few days ago!
It said if you’re drunk or high you cant give concent…but I’m not drunk or high, so guess it’s okay?
The bell starts ringing, the break is over.
“saved by the bell,” he says
Lu blushes, confusingly.
Okay, kids! Hand me your assignments.
Ashlyn, did you do your homework?
Yeah, I uh forgot it at home.
Just like last time is it? Why do you even bother coming to class!
Going home, straight to his room closing the door and thinking about just getting out of this empty house he’s living in with his father always working, leaving his mother alone to do everything. Little did he knows she just goes out with her friends or day drinks and binge watch some shows.
He eats his lunch and leaves the house straight to the ruined factory were he practices his graffitis and parkours with Jess.
“Hey Lu! what are you doing here?”
“I came to see you.”
“Come on,” he says, dragging her upstairs.
passing by all these stairs filled with a painting, she asks him whether he did all that.
“No, Come on we’re gonna miss it.”
“Miss what?”
“Come on, step on my hands, and get on top.”
“No way”.
“Come on we have no time, Lu.”
She struggles to get on top and gasps.
“Oh, wow! I didn’t think you were that kind of guy!”
What kind of guy?
A sunset chaser.
“Yeah, we all have those little things that make us unique. Some of us are mothers, some are teachers, some are dancers, some are friends, some are enemies… but everyone has a unique characteristic which sets him/her apart. I guess I’m one of the dreamers.”

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