The designing of body ink is an art form carried out threw out the history of humanity. o Create it; people insert ink into the dermis. The designing of body ink is an art form carried out threw out the history of humankind. o Create it; people add ink into the dermis layer of the skin, which changes the color of the skin pigment and stays there for a long time. People tattoo themselves for many different reasons. While others considered tattoos marks of pride, others saw them as primitive. Ancient Chinese used to tattoo a symbol for “Prisoner” on the faces of convicted criminals and continued to do so until18th or 19th century. That didn’t prevent tattooing from spreading and creating meaning of its own. The history includes fantastic stories, but that’s not our concern here. I’m here to discuss the decision itself. Whether it’s wise or not. If you have no ink on your body you’re probably wondering why do people do it, so let’s break it down:
Like I stated before The body decoration has a long history behind it, and that caused it to cross around the ancient cultures. But how do cultures contribute to our society today?
With traditions. And in some cultures, tattooing is a part of their tradition (Japanese, Maui, etc.) on the contrast some cultures don’t accept body modifications in them, like my culture (Arabs) And it’s probably linked to religious beliefs.
In some cases, the tattoos have no history as part of a long-established culture but still serve as a marker of affiliation to a subculture.
Some find that the permanence of a tattoo or even its conspicuousness makes them ideal for marking something of personal significance.
From a simple star on your hand to a sleeve or a tribal Maui tattoos always bore a meaning beneath them. Although some people choose tattoos solely on they’re an appeal, maybe because they saw a beautiful picture on the internet or at the tattoo parlor. That doesn’t mean the symbol itself doesn’t bear a meaning behind it. From simple names to giant Japanese drawings, anyone whos making the tattoo should know that the real tattoo doesn’t go off, at least not smoothly, we should consider that fact when choosing the right ink for us.

Other than that you should also watch out for allergies. And if you’re looking into donating blood in the future, a tattoo will not allow that.
Now I think that getting a tattoo can be a nice feature, but only if the tattoo barries a special meaning behind it to the person himself. Getting a tattoo to look cool is probably not so wise since we’ll grow old and it will go out of style.
I also like to design my tattoos with the help of the artist if necessary, to get something unique. That I only carry.
My plans for future tattoos are a full arm tattoo with small tattoos each from every country I’ve traveled, bearing the memory of the experience I had and reminding me of the personality i possessed.


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