Seperate paths

He was sitting in the electronics class, bored not knowing what to do was sitting in the electronics class, bored not knowing what to do because he was forced to listen to a lecture about a subject that doesn’t really interest him. Friends weren’t a big thing in his life, so he didn’t have even the possibility to tease them in the classroom.
One of the classmates opened up his lunch box during class which caused the smell to hover across the room which cause the teacher to be angry and scream at the student, and another student to open the window because “she doesn’t want to smell rotten spaghetti all day.”
Across the street was a flower store with flowers that smelled so beautiful it would make bees travel to from the park.
After a few moments, a lady was walking by the store, she decided to buy a vase of flowers, only for her to realize when she came out that it was filled with bees which made her drop the jar, scream and run. The students got distracted and started looking outside only to find a lady screaming over nothing, which gave two bees some time to get inside the classroom before the teacher closed the windows. Ten minutes later one of the girls started screaming and rotating vigorously because the bee came around her, so Ashlyn got up and started hitting the walls and the floor with his shoe acting all heroic, but he caught mousaka’s desk by accident and knocked down his stuff.
“Hey, watch it!”
Why Do I bring all this stuff with me every day! I don’t even use them!
The bees got out, the girl calmed down, and the bell rang for the next lesson.
Mousaka was sitting still bored from all this information that is being fed up to him without him knowing why decided he wants to start drawing, I mean I have all these colors and pencils that I don’t use, might as well put them to good use.
The teacher started noticing that he wasn’t paying attention,
When was the UN started?
“Um…in the um the 1900’s?”
“What year?”
“get out, of the class,” she said finally reliving him from the anxious pain he was feeling.
So he kept on drawing and drawing in each class that day and after on the bus, until he got home.
Mother: “Musouka, your teacher called today about you not focusing in class! what’s this I hear about drawing, I never saw you draw before.”
“I was bored mom, I hate school!”
“you have to focus Mus so you can succeed in life!”
“but I don’t like it!”
“I know honey, but you can’t always do what you want in life. sometimes you have to do what others want so they can help you get what you want.”
“isn’t it easier to just work on what I like?”
“no honey we all need each other to survive.”
now finish your plate.”

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