Mosouka & Lu

Do you remember when you had no obligations, living life without having to worry about anything with your goals all set for you and all you have to do is just listen? Listen to them who know “better.”
Mosouka was playing with his cousin when his mother called to let him know he should come back and do his homework.
“10 more minutes” screamed Musouka excitingly.
“If you don’t come back home before the 10 minutes are done young man, you’re grounded for a week!”
“Okay, one more turn and then I’m gonna go home.”
“Let’s go get ice cream instead!”
So they went and got the ice-cream, then Mosouka got home.
“Why are your clothes so dirty Mosouka!”
“Why do you never listen to me.”
“But I came back in time.”
“go, do your homework.”
The next morning at school Mosouka was reading alone in the recess until one of his classmates, Lu, interrupted his reading.
“Hi, Mosouka”
“Can you help me today with my art assignment.”
“Okay, meet me in the park after school.”
And so they met.
“What’s the homework about?”
“It’s about colors,” said Lu
“Yes, so I brought with me popsicles because that’s the most colorful thing I can think of!”
“haha okay, why not.”
so they ate the popsicles and gazed at the view in front of them, the light of Wahum.
“What do you think all these people are doing right now?”
“What activities could such a town bear. They’re probably eating, drinking playing in the park or watching tv, or maybe some are shopping in this one small mall we got. But I guess the luckiest are just having sex.
“mosouka! Don’t say stuff like that. I like to spy on old people and know what they’re doing. Maybe i will be like them when I grow up.”
” you like to get your nose everywhere don’t you, how are you gonna grow up with being crept up from sex.”
“shut up, you’re dumb.”
“No, you are!”
“I will throw that popsicle at you if you don’t shut your mouth!”
“Oh well, why don’t you?”
“Maybe i don’t want to!”
“My brother is in 12th grade; he can put a shoe in your mouth.”
Excellent call your brother then, my brother is at college.”
“my brother is stronger than your brother.”
“No, he isn’t.”
And they continued arguing until the sky turned purple and blue, with a view so new to them, It made Their name be heard all over the neighborhood as they stood watching their childhood end.

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