Remember Remember

It was a Thursday afternoon when Mosouka was asked about an event that occurred two years ago.
“Mike: What did you do after your graduation?”
“I traveled and started working right after.” Said Mosouka.
“Where did you travel?”
“I went with some of my classmates to Italy for two weeks. looking back though I don’t think it was the best idea, we took a lot of bad choices.”
Hahaha What do you mean, did you go to places where you ‘shouldn’t or did something illegal?”
“No, but none of us actually knew how to travel accurately, without spending thousands of dollars on just 2 weeks in Italy. We had a lot of money on us, and we wasted it all on things that we could’ve avoided spending on.”
“well you didn’t know any better, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes.”
“Yeah, you’re right. The thing is we weren’t even aware of ourselves. we couldn’t notice anything wrong happening.”
“Of course not, we never do until its too late. When you look back on your life and the choices, you make you can often find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed and regretful. You might not even recognize yourself.”
“Yes, it’s like I was a completely different person back then.”
“I don’t even remember what did I do when I finished school,” said Mike.
“I remember traveling, but nothing about the events that occurred back then.”
“We tend to forget over time minor details that shape us in the long run. I too don’t remember almost anything from 5 years ago, my memory becomes vivid over time. But even if I don’t know exactly what happened back then, I know that it has Shaped me in the way I am today in some sort of way.”

The time was 11:00Am now, Mosouka and Mike got back to their work.
When Mosouka got back to his flat, he made his dinner watched some tv show and just got lost in his thoughts about his previews encounter with his co-worker mike, and how could such people bear interesting ideas without you realizing that they were always next to you. What drives us to move away from those who are around us, why do we never think about getting close to them and hearing their stories? He thought.

He was bored at work the next morning, Mosouka started browsing his phone randomly when he came across an interesting but not so useful fact. He was born on a Thursday according to his calendar.
The days could only move so fast he thought to himself, and he doesn’t know how to grab each day by its tail without slipping away.
Each day we face is just as important as the other, and if we don’t use our time correctly, we will end up surfing through a life of an ocean, going with the flow of each wave without fighting through them.

Mosouka encounters those so-called “flow surfers” all the time at his work.
They don’t seem to be living in such a bad life. They look happy some even satisfied! What’s the purpose then? He thought, what’s the use of fighting each wave when in the end it’s all going to end up the same for all of us?
Nevertheless, he was yet not convinced by this method of living.
A waste of potential he thought, there might be more to life than just being happily satisfied.


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