A Childhood`s Day

““I was walking home after a long school day when I came across some kids who looked a bit scary, they started calling me names, making fun of my clothes and hair, so I tried to avoid them by not batting an eye, and I continued walking. But I retained this feeling of someone chasing me, so I remembered how Ashlyn once taught me to look behind without being noticed, by pretending to tie my shoe and looking back over my legs.
And I saw one of the kids following me. So I panicked and ran.

When I was almost home, near ““’ Murad’s Mini Market.”” The kids were all gathered around,` and one of them screamed at me; ““We know where you live now.”” ““
““’ Don’t worry Yan, those kids’ won’t do anything.””
““But dad,’ I’m scared, and’ you’re not home to do anything.””
““’ I’m almost done with work son, I will come back when’ I’m done.””
““Okay.”” sighed Yan.

But he knew that his father will not be coming home until midnight.
So he goes to his’ neighbor’s house because it was either him or his’ grandma’s house, and his grandma had been showing signs of weakness all the time, surely he’ didn’t want to lead the kids to her too!
Knock knock
““’ It’s me, Yan. Can I come over?””
““Wait let me ask my mom, mom can Yan come?””
They went to’ Mark’s room, and Yan told him all about those kids that he saw.
““I think we got to go to SYM!””

Now SYM was a secret company that has been founded by Mark and Yan, which specialized in spying on neighbors. They had all the equipment, computers, guns, cameras, even a building! But nothing actually worked.
They entered the secret building using their secret passcode, rushed upstairs to get all the secret equipment. Yan typed on the keyboard to identify the’ enemy’s location, and they got downstairs to’ Yan’s’ grandma’s house to get something to drink before they go.
Covering themselves behind every wall or tree, they could find, climbing over the fence of Victor’s garden they truly felt like spies.
The sun was starting to come down, and it was time to go home. Mark’s mother screamed his name,
“10 More Minutes!” Mark screamed.
“Mark Lawson come home this instant!
so they both said their good byes and went home to get ready for the next day.

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