Street style overview

Street style, a form of dressing up that originated from the urban culture which has been around since the day fashion became a sensation in the world culture, Street style has technically been around since clothes became a part of human culture; however, it did not begin to impact the fashion world until the close of the Second World War. The end of rationing beckoned in an era of luxury and opulence forefronted by icons like Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain. An excess of money allowed people the ability to purchase high fashion garments. During this time, “street style” icons consisted of looks primarily composed of solely one high fashion brand. Women dressed the “new look”; synthesized by Christian Dior, which often included a long circle skirt and a tailored jacket with broad shoulders and a tapered waist, that emphasized the female figure, replacing the “utility look” of the wartime period.

This hourglass shape took advantage of the overabundance of fabric that was previously scarce during the war.
After World War II, society recovered structure in the form of the rapid growth of the mass culture. An urge to stray from the norm resulted in the further cultivation of grassroots style fashion that originated in urban cities. Moreover, “races” began to form based on various styles such as bikers, beats, hippies, punks, goths, ravers. These groups ironically gave people solidarity in their lust to be different.

With the unique free-spirited nature of the 70s and 80s, people began to experiment more with their style. The social change resulted in more diversity in fashion because dressing in unique styles became the norm, whereas before most women dressed in identical trends. Free flowing silhouettes became popular, and the line between men and womenswear became further blurred as high waisted pants and overalls became universal style pieces. Thus, high fashion trends followed this idea of not compliance by adopting the 70s and 80s themes of individuality within various styles.

So, you may be thinking, how did the street fashion trends attract the attention of high fashion designers? One answer: street style photographers. Street style photographers publicized the styles of the common man. No longer was street style wholly composed of high fashion. Instead, it was a conglomeration of clothes from essential mainstream stores, thrift shops. This diverse range of clothes resulted in designers taking inspiration and incorporating the trends from the streets into their coveted collections.

Nevertheless, street fashion today consist of high-end sneakers, ripped and oversized clothes with a staggering amount of accessories, a result of the modern fashion icons and famous artists, specifically the rappers and hip hop artist that gained massive fame over the years.
Street style begs the form of “fashionable functionality.” a way of dressing which offers vogue and functionality at the same time.
To match an urban outfit of the sort is very easy with a nice pair of sneakers, matching pants respectively ripped jeans with an oversized t-shirt is one of the unique and simple ways to dress-up.

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