The violinist

I was walking down the street one day, a Thursday afternoon to grab something to eat, when all of a sudden I heard music playing, it was close I thought, so I followed my ears as I got closer the music started sounding familiar. Vivaldi 4 ‘season’s- fall symphony I thought. Going across the streets only to find myself circling the neighborhood, lastly, I discovered the mysterious source leading me to the subway station, finding an older man playing the violin and capturing every dreamer’s feeling, playing with our emotions like a puppeteer. It was a freestyle he said when I asked him after his performance about the name of the composition. A freestyle about the begging to and end, He wasn’t much of a talker since he would stutter and forget words quit often. Due to the fascination of that event, I had gone 2 hours without getting any food. So I rushed to the nearest sub out of hunger, lost in my thoughts on the way. I started thinking about how I when I was about 11 years of age was sitting on my desk with the violin in front of me not knowing whether to break the thing or what to do since it only brought arguments and screams around the house. I only a kid wanted to play around with the other youngsters in the neighborhood, but I couldn’t since my parents made me play it for hours a day practicing. “It’s because we love you, Yan,” I remember them say. “White or black bread?” The cashier said. “Uh, white.” interrupted by the sub clerk, I got back to the food. However, while eating my sub, I could only come to think of how the past events lead me to become one of the most significant violinists around the world with concerts only for the luxurious with the most influential people on earth coming to hear me so that they could get caught by the feelings that I spread amongst them. A point that I reached in life without my realization of my silly old days when I only wanted to have fun. Were innocent creatures with no clue whatsoever if we are making the right choices or not in the present, seeking only the past and looking for regret only to explore the hope for a better future. When you reach a certain age in life and start looking at past events you may be able to connect the puzzle at last and realize how much you should’ve been grateful for some people and whereby you clung to a small idea that didn’t matter for the long run. When you that time catches up with you, make sure you’re ready to embrace it. The best thing we can do is to live in the present and keep our mind busy at this moment since that’s probably the most significant moment in your life right now. “Life is just about making mistakes and learning from them,” my mom told me.

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