The casual

Sometimes you might get a feeling that you want to dress better, formal dare I say but we often only wear formal clothes when attending special events. And that’s when the casual style comes in. A method that can be perfect for all occasions serves your day’s functionalities and looks. So here are a few tips on the casual:

1- try to stay “adult looking.”

Stir from your usual t-shirts or jeans and try to stay in lane with a simple formal piece. Striped pants could work very well with a lovely plain or dotted shirt.

2- Stick with the casual colors

grey, brown, navy, teal, Bordo, and all colors of such families work very nicely together depending on the tone and pattern.

3- match your daily clothes with formal ones

lightly ripped pair of jeans could work quite correctly with a white plain shirt and an oversized medium brown coat.

4- try to add stripes

get yourself a striped shirt or pants, match with your favorite plain waistcoat and pants.

5- break your colors

change the color and pattern of your upper and lower bodywear, spice it up and ivest in difrrent clothes.

lastly make sure your comfortable with what your wearing since comfort is vital here, physically and mentally. this looks works because I added fun socks with casual colors and a striped shirt with no formal jacket. vintage 50`s

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