How to wake up early

Waking up early can be really useful in terms of time management, but it also can be frustrating, depending on what are you trying to change in your life by waking up early. Waking up early isn’t based on one hour in a day like say 5AM, the routine depends on your daily life. So for instance, if you work or learn until midnight waking up as early as 5AM wouldn’t be such a good thing since you don’t get to sleep for 8-6 hours which is the amount of healthy sleeping time for your day, furthermore this means more nap times during the day due to your’ body’s exhaustion. So here are 7 tips on waking up early:

1- Figure out why

The most important thing you have to do to wake up early is to figure out why you’re doing it because if you don’t chances are you’ll end up waking up and instantly going back to sleep.

2- Create your motivation

If you create motivation for yourself to wake up early, you’ll have bigger chances to actually wake up, and most importantly you’ll wake up happy because your motivated to do something when you wake up.

3- Keep your house clean

One of the most challenging things in the morning is to wake up to a mess, you’ll feel much lazier to wake up in a rumpled environment than tidy one according to a new sleep study: people who doze in cluttered rooms and are at high risk for developing hoarding disorder are more likely to have sleeping problems. This includes having trouble falling asleep at night and experiencing rest disturbances. Researchers point out that this could lead to more significant issues. Besides slowing down your thinking and making it hard to function during the day, lack of sleep can also lead to depression.

4- Make a list

Making a list of tasks to do a night before your day gives you extra motivation to wake up early because you’ll have something to do right when you wake up. You’ll feel the need to complete your assignments right after your up.

5- Set alarm walking distance away from you

This is important when you’re starting your new morning routine since you’ll be very tempted to hit that snooze button, and you don’t want to get used to that, however when you get used to waking up early you wouldn’t need to worry much about setting up an alarm clock at all, since you biological clock well take control.

6- Set up your mood

This step is straightforward to do, open your windows for the sunshine to come in or light up some lights if you wake up before the sun comes out, put on a fit playlist that you’d like to listen to when you wake up, I prefer one that I can sing along with so I can stay excited.

7- take a quick shower

Taking a bath in the morning will certainly help you wake up feeling refreshed, and if you can take up the cold water, it’s preferable to make a quick cold shower.

Nevertheless waking up early ‘isn’t for everyone, some people may prefer staying up late doing their tasks than waking up early and completing them. Some even are not motivated to do anything other than their current life priorities and stay on a typical day to day pace. But one thing I`ll encourage you to do is to try this daily routine for two weeks minimum and see if you could or would want to last.







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