The circle of relationships

“Mosouka, where are you going!”

“I can’t do this lu, I can’t stay for the rest of the classes today.”

“why what happened?”

“I’m just overwhelmed by all this material that w have to learn, I can’t stay focused in class, and I don’t even know why we’re learning all this! it’s useless.”

“What do you mean it’s useless, we need to take these lessons to do the state’s tests next year. without that, we can’t go to college.”

“I meant on our daily life, why would we want to know how to calculate the integral of a graph.”

“We learn the basics of some majors in college, If you decided to apply for computer science, physics or whatnot, this information would certainly help you.”

“True, but like you said, it’s only for some majors. the ones that every parent pushes their child to apply for basically, for example, we don’t have any art programs, our schools don’t really focus on sports or even simple life lessons that we ought to know before we get thrown into freedom.”

“you’re right, the school curriculum is a mess. But giving up isn’t the thing that would help you either. you shouldn’t just say that it’s all useless and just ignore it, I mean what will you do?”

“I don’t know, try to make my time more useful?”

“ugh, Mosouka! fine, do whatever you want.”

The weather was sweltering that day, and when Mosouka got home, he felt exhausted that the first thing he did was to take off his clothes and just take a nap. “Mosouka!” a loud scream was heard which made Mosouka get up scared.

“Yeah, mom.”

“What do you mean yeah, mom! why are you home it’s 11:15 in the morning.”

“I just got really bored.”

“Mosouka, while it might not sound very likely to hear this, but school is important.”

“How is it important, We don’t use any of the information that we take in, on our daily life!” said Mosouka frustratingly

“You’ll see how all these information will be useful later on in life, I know that you like to draw and how good you are at it, but you might not be tempted to apply for an arts college in 3 years. Because 3 years is a long time, and every year, a big part of our personality changes with that time, we start to regret our past actions and make different choices. I’m sure you’re experiencing this with your past year. So why take a chance on something you’re not sure about.”

“I just think the school could be a lot more fruitful for us.”

“that’s true, but it is what it is, and we have to make the best of it,” responded Mosouka’s mom with a comfortable smile.

The next day Mosouka went to school feeling more passionate to complete his day at school, but his past thoughts followed his mind from the boredness. And it all went back to the way it was before. One morning Mosouka was walking when he was stumbled on the floor by Ashlyn.

“What did I do to you!” screamed Mosouka

“Nothing I was just bored” laughed Ashlyn

“You think this is funny?” said Mosouka angrily and then he punched him, without Ashlyn seeing it coming since he’s used to more talking before the fight actually begins

. And the kids started throwing punches on each other, leaving their faces completely bruised and their time wasted by waiting in front of the principal’s office.

“We used to be friends, what happened to us,” said Mosouka with a soft tone.

“Time happened, what did you think things wouldn’t change over time? I turned, and you did too, which caused us drifting off. It’s not the same as it was a man.”

“Mosouka, Ashlyn! come in” yelled the principal

“I don’t accept this kind of behavior in this school, you’ll be grounded for a week”

“alright” exclaimed Ashlyn

“is there anything you would like to share?”

“were sorry sir.”

“Yeah, yeah, spare me. I ‘don’t want to see this again, especially from you Mosouka, I was shocked when I heard your name!”

So for the rest of the week, Ashlyn and Mosouka had to spend extra school hours in detention together.

“Yo Mosouka, do you wanna go do some graffiti after this?” “I don’t know Ash, my parents wouldn’t like that very much.”

“What you mean parents, were in high school man, this is the time when we break the rules and discover ourselves, what do you want to be a stuck up nerd like the rest of the kids who get A’s in school and follow this plan that their parents set up for them, or you wanna make yours?”

“fine, I’ll come, and we’ll see what happens.”

Thus Ashlyn introduced to Mosouka the very building that they will spend a big part of their time at in high school.

Things might change over time, but with some people who made an impact on you, it’s bound that even if you have parted for a long time. Chances are you’ll face another time when both of you will be close again.

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