Life As A Grad

We all have these moments in life where we have to start making decisions that will set the course of our lives. Graduation is one of them, some people go straight to work, some study and go straight to college, some travel. Ashlyn chose to go straight to work, his aunt had a well-known restaurant, and she hired him as a bartender.
Ashlyn and Mousoka were still friends at that time, and one of Mosouka’s hobbies was to research every interesting subject that comes to his mind.
Which caused Ashlyn in asking for his help in researching his choices before making them. And that’s how Ashlyn started feeling happy when he was at work, for he read all about the bartender’s job, from mixology to brewing the perfect shot of coffee.
But the town of “Wahum” didn’t really have any open doors for people to advance in their work or life, especially when the work is artistic or exotic. Therefore Ashlyn decided to take the bartender’s course with his classmate Charlie. He knew most of the information that they taught him in the class, but it enabled him to get a certificate, go to different breweries and he had the fun, of course, catching the last moments with Charlie before they part for life. After the class was done, they went to eat their last meal at a fancy restaurant and drifted apart.

Ashlyn then decided to look for work outside of “Wahum” because there wasn’t any good work back in his hometown, hence after two months he went to the city where he learned the class, “purloin,” It was a beautiful place he thought, and he wanted to get out of “Wahum” as fast as possible, because he was feeling the depression taking over him to the point where he started feeling numb or almost like a robot doing his daily routine without asking any questions. And so he went late at night for a bar spree to ask for work, without finding any luck in the first few weeks, until one guy that he met told him that he wouldn’t forget his and will call him ones something comes up. A few months had passed since then, till one day some guy called him for a job
“Hello, Joe called me, he told me that You’re looking for work as a bartender.”
“Yes, sir,” Ashlyn answered with an excited voice
“Come down to my restaurant, it’s called Assortment’s, have you heard of it?”
“No, I haven’t.”
“Okay, so Tuesday sounds good?”
“Alright, my name is Homer.”

And the next Tuesday Ashlyn swung by the place to check for Homer, he looked like he got everything under control when Ashlyn saw him giving orders to people and walking straight like he owned the place. They sat on one of the tables near a lovely classic looking wooden pillar, the site gave the vibe of an old bar turned into a restaurant with Blues and Jazz playing in the background, wooden decorations everywhere and local food.
“Do you want anything to drink” Asked Homer.
“Uh, just water would be fine.”
“Bring me a bottle of water,” Said Homer to the waitress passing by
“So tell me, Ashlyn, why should I hire you. We have very experienced workers here, and all of them are much older than you, with the youngest being 27 years old.
“I might be 19, but I know a lot about Mixology, I make my own set of liquors and homemade syrups, and I know how to make good coffee.”
“Did you take a course in Mixology.”
“No sir I haven’t, but I’ve read a whole lot about it and tested it at work.”
“Well I can tell you this, I haven’t taken any course, but I’m the best bartender in town,” said Homer confidently.
“I’m sure you are,” said Ashlyn confusingly,
“come back next Monday. I will try you and well see how it goes.”
“Alright then thank you very much.”
And that’s how Ashlyn started his process of moving out of “Wahum.”
dragging with him Mousoka and Yan and encouraging them to move in with him.

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