How to find your style

We all have a unique way of dressing up different than the ones around us, whether it’s stylish or not, or even if we know it.

But figuring out your style can help you alot if you want to up your game in fashion.

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that “you should stick to one type of look, so for example, if your closet is filled with different outfits Vintage, Hipster, ’90s, Swaggy, Classy, etc… Get rid of them and stick to one.

I disagree because while trends may be different, but combining them and wearing them differs from person to person, so keep your clothes and don’t worry you’ll still stand out even if you didn’t dress vintage everyday.

There’s a difference between your style and the trends. Your style consists of how you mix up your clothes and put them together in your own way.

Fashion trends are forms of mixing up clothes that people use for Inspiration on their style, you don’t want to be dressing exactly how some model wears, for example.

One of the most helpful things that you could do is choosing a couple of pieces that you wear most often and check for relevance between them and how you could match them up together.

Have your wardrobe mainly for dressing up daily review what you do on your days, and let your clothes match the functionality of your days. For example, if you do sports mainly ‘you’d want a sporty type of clothes mostly.

Find Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many ways, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, specific colors… so find yours and try to remake it in your own sole way. Try to figure out why you like these certain pieces.

Van Syckle offered, “If you know you like something, try to figure out why.” Does it reflect your personality? Why does it make you feel beautiful? Comfortable? Outgoing? Figure out what parts of it you like (it’s baggy, long, colorful, etc.) and find other pieces that follow that vibe.

Get rid of the clothes that you don’t wear in your closet

Make some space for the thing that you’ll need more.

Van Syckle explained, “I don’t want to have to sift through 20 things I know I’m not going to wear to get to the three or four cute things. If you get rid of everything that you don’t wear and narrow down your look, then getting ready is super-easy and then you are more likely to go out and buy more of that look and get better versions of it.”

You’ll realize the pieces you truly love and get variations of that to continue to build your style.

Take pictures

When you look and feel that your just looking ‘fly’ today, take a quick snapshot of yourself and in the long run you can view the images you took and see how you matched your clothes up, this will help you a lot when you want to figure out your style.

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