First self dependers

After their trip abroad Mosouka, Ashlyn and Yan rented a small 40-meter square apartment with just enough for them to get by, It was reasonably cheap with a beautiful view over the city, and its beach. Their parents helped them move, and they were all set once they got back to experience city life. After a couple of weeks, they signed up for a general art course to settle their Delima of studying art or more advanced educational subjets. It started out as a really nice life for them, Yan acquired friends, so as Mosouka and Ashlyn, they were going out a lot doing various activities and living the nightlife. And their work had good terms which enabled them to keep their life on track. Mosouka was working at home mostly on his computer, from Fiverr to blogging. Ashlyn was a bartender And yan was a waiter. After three months they had to sign a contract for the house and decide whether they’re going to stay for one more year or get out of the city. Mosouka: “Alright guys, it’s probably time to get out of “Purloin” and start moving forward to “Kabeera”” which was the continent of their country. “But we’re doing so good here, what’s the rush Mosouka?” asked Ashlyn. “I don’t know, people here are not really moving forward, it’s all going very slowly, and I barely saved up money for our big trip.” “I think we should just go back to “Wahum” guys,” said Yan “No! I would rather kill myself than go back there, especially after we’ve seen “Purloin” now “Wahum looks just as ignorant and annoying as it’s people, Stated Ashlyn frustratingly. “But Mosouka is right, our goal is to move forward, and here I don’t see anyone progressing in their life. people get stuck here as much as they do in “Wahum”” “Right, but how is going back to “Wahum” considered progressive?” said mosouka perplexed “In Wahum we live with our parents, ‘there’s basically nothing to spend on compared to here, maybe the paygrade ‘wouldn’t be the same, but it would be better overall since we will have nothing to spend our money on,” said Yan confidently. “Yeah but we can also save up here if we work for longer shifts and cut our expenses,” said Ashlyn “True, maybe a savings account could help us too, that way we’re forced to not spend too much money,” said Mosouka agreeably. And so the three youngsters decided to sign the contract for the house and stay in “Purloin” for one more year. But change wasn’t easy since they hadn’t noticed before their mistakes and lacked money management; their situation wasn’t as easy as planned. Ashlyn was staying up late and spending on parties and alcohol. Yan was spending on the daily activities nonstop, signing up in all the courses that looked interested to him, and Mosouka was stuck with his problem in not saying no when offered a chance to go out with his friends. Although Yan’s and Mosouka’s problems weren’t terrible, they would make it harder for them to achieve their dream later on.

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