Mosouka & Lu 2

“Okay so I’m going to tell you a couple of words, and you should just tell me the first thing you think about when hearing each word.” “Okay,” said Mosouka hesitatingly.









“Red elephant.”

“Cherries” “Home”



“Wahum” “Okay that’s enough for now, We still have a little time left. what’s the furthest memory that you can remember?”

“Um I don’t remember a lot, especially before I was 17, it all just starts looking blurry, like your watching tv underwater with a lot of waves blocking your vision.”

“Just try to think of the first memory you have.” said the doctor.

Mosouka sighed and stopped to think for a moment, He was thinking of when he was a little boy, one day back then his father had an accident, and his car was wrecked, Mousoka was coming back from school when his mother told him about what happened, though he was a little boy. Thus the excitement was taking over his feelings till he saw his father lying in the hospital’s bed helplessly. How could his father be so weak, he was the strongest man he knows, his hero!


“Hey, Mosouka! Did you have fun staying at your grandma last night?” “Yeah, we went to the store and bought all the food and sodas the!”

“We should talk to your mother Lin!” said Masouka’s mother angrily. “Hahaha” chuckled Lin, “Don’t worry honey, you know how my mom always loves to get him what he wants, he’s her only grandson.

“Yeah, yeah,” said Ahlam, rolling her eyes.

“I remember when I was a little boy, my dad had an accident. on our way to the hospital we passed by a road filled with palm trees, at that time I was beginning to forget past events, so I said to my self determinedly that I wouldn’t forget this moment for the rest of my life, our way to the hospital with the palm trees surrounding us,” said Mosouka to the doctor.

“Hmm. gazed the doctor at Mosouka curiously. ”

Okay our time is up for today, we`ll pick this up next week.

“Alright bye,” said Mosouka with a big smile.


The next day, Mosouka was walking back home with his earphones plugged in, the music playing “Kabanjak.”

“Oh my god, I haven’t seen you since forever.” It was Lu, his highschool best friend.

“Yeah, where have you been?” said mosouka.

“I`m still the same, you know the same job since high school, nothing new.” “We should catch up! do you wanna go to “akhweh.”

“I would love to! but I can`t right now, I`m meeting my boyfriend.” Ugh, it`s always that stupid boyfriend, she`s never single, and those boyfriends take all her time! Thought moouka.

“You`re still with Jimmy?”

“No we broke up right after graduation, I`m now with Mohannad, he`s charming,” said Lu flirtingly.

Oh, of course, there`s another one!

“well I hope you guys are happy, so what about next week, when are you free?”

“Uh, I will check my schedule and get back to you.” Smiled Lu.

“Okay, see you.”

“see you.”

She`s never gonna call me back, I`ll just call her on Friday, Mosouka Thought. But He couldn`t help to wait that long, and so he called her on the same night.

“Hey, Lu”

“Hey, what`s up.”

“I really want to catch up, we haven’t seen each other since forever.”

“Yeah, tall you what. How about next Tuesday?” Mosuoka had work that night.

“Yeah sound good.”

“Okay, goodnight.”


And so he called in sick on Tuesday, and they went to one of Mosouka`s secret spots.

“So what are you gonna do this year?” asked Mosouka

“I`m going to get into college, I got accepted.”

“Oh, congrats!”

“Yeah, I’ve taken two years for myself, now it`s time to start progressing, I mean I don`t know how those two years have passed, it was like yesterday when we graduated, And it`s definitely not easy to save up haha. but what`s going on with you, you look prettier than ever.”

“Haha.” Blushed Mosouka. How does she keep doing this, she flirts with me and makes me feel special while having a boyfriend!

“Yeah I um, a lot has happened, I live in the big city now! and I traveled, and you could say I have lived my choices,” smiled Mosouka.

They gazed at one another with desire, Mosouka waiting for her to make a move or give a hint so he can just kiss her, put her hand around her and bite her little bites to tease her.

But all that was just a dream he realized, she`s still the same, and he didn`t want to do anything that would jeopardize this “friendship” they were having. So they went to get Ice cream, sat on a bench and watched the sun descend into the buildings.

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