How to match socks

Little details might not seem important in your outfit, but I think they’re what lightens up your outlay.

One of the things you should try to avoid is white socks. There are only three occasions where white socks could work, and they’re if you’re wearing sporty clothes or you have a nice pair of shorts with converse, or you’re just at home wearing pajamas.

Instead, you can match your socks depending on the colors your wearing. This breaks down to two broad categories:

1-Dark colors (black, grey, brown, navy…) 2- Light fun colors (blue, red, yellow…) with dark colors and casual wear, the most natural go-to option would be the Argyle socks, of course with taking in mind color matching. If you’re wearing a formal suit black thin socks is your go-to option, the thinner the sock, the more formal. If you can’t find the right type of Argyle socks, you can match a slightly darker colored sock with your pants.

Now the fun part, the colorful outfits. Here it’s more important to know how to match the colors than the category above because you have a more extensive range of options to choose from, so here’s a quick guide that’ll help you match colors:

Take a look at this color wheel:

Every color in the wheel has a color on the opposite side, those two colors are very likely to go well together, for example, violet and yellow are one of the best color matches.

You should avoid choosing different shade between the socks and the pants (light red and red).

One of the natural and fun things to do if you have a sock with different colors or patterns is look for a tone and match it with another shade in your outfit, for example:

I personally enjoy wearing fun socks every day, they break my gear from being plain boring to fun and vibrant.

Now most Importantly, where to get the socks from?

I usually get them from the internet or sometimes when I`m in a mall I try to look for places that has nice pairs, So here are some links to get you started:

adidas originals


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