Four Sticks

“Why didn’t you pray, Mosouka?” asked his teacher.

Mosuoka just looked at his teacher with glimmering eyes trying to say what he feels. “I know you might feel this is stupid because you’re new to it, but if you try hard enough, you will find Jesus in your heart.”

He nodded his head, and they continued singing the gospels with the other kids. It was a Christian school he moved to when he was in the 5th grade, in his old school they didn’t have any public prayers or gospels, everyone kept their religious thoughts to themselves.

In his new school, he was starting to take his faith seriously, just like all the other kids. Because that’s the school’s job, to lead its students in the right way.

However, Ashlyn had always tried to “break the rules,” so he would skip classes and not take religion seriously. Nevertheless, there was no question about that he was afraid of the punishments he heard when the teachers talked about sinners. The recess bell rang.

“What do you think Summer?” asked Mosouka

“About what?”

“You know what we just did in the chapel.”

“Oh, I like the chapel, especially when we sing.”

“Do you think it’s real though? god?”

“Yes, of course! how could you ask such a thing?”

“I don’t know, nevermind. Do you wanna play sticks?”

“Yeah, let’s find some.” So, they ran across the school, looking for four sticks and set them up.

Kids started joining, and the game had begun to feel intense and challenging, players began to get eliminated and only the very best stayed. Until Joel came,

“How do you play this game, Mosouka?”

“The king decides which stick to move depending on his landing position. the rest have to skip sticks without touching a stick or skipping two sticks at a time.”

“alright get ready to get your ass kicked,” said Joel.

And the game started to get harder and harder until only Joel, Mosouka and Summer were left for everyone to watch.

Joel had become the king, and the sticks were getting further and further from each other.

Joel pointed out the number three to the stick mover and ran as fast as he could, Skipped the first two and jumped.

The distance between the last two sticks reached about 4 meters at this point.

Summer raced across the sticks and jumped as far as she could, but she couldn’t make it.

Now it was Mosouka’s turn, he stood behind for a moment and ran, he made the the first two sticks and jumped.

everything turned dark, and then he remembered what his mother kept telling him, whether he fails or succeeds, “Don’t be sad Mosouka you’re a special kid, if you did your best then that’s enough” However, Mosouka never felt like he did his best, he always wanted more, and that hurt him. He heard screams; It was summer, Mosouka! You did it. People were cheering his name, but the game hasn’t ended yet, it was Joel’s turn to set another course, “Stop everyone” screamed Joel, he stood far and ran skipping the first two sticks, and then the third.

Yet, he couldn’t make the last one, Joel fell for his course, everyone was shocked, and the winner was Mosouka. Joel was angry, he wanted to punch Mosouka, but the bell rang, and the kids had to get back to class.

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