The beginning

In the beginning, there was a mum and a dad.
The mum and the dad decided that they want a child.
The mum and the dad bought a house and furnished it for the baby.
The mum and the dad had unprotected intercourse.
Millions of tiny dads raced to the mum, the tail of the winner prevents the others from fusing with the mum.
a fusion between the mum and dad happen
a fetus begins
the mum starts feeling stressed and tired after three months
the dad starts feeling guilty
the mum stops going to work
the dad starts spending more time at work
the mum starts reading about “how to raise a baby.”
the dad starts reading about “how to be a father.”
the mum cleans cooked and read every day
the dad works, eats and sleeps every day
the mum starts feeling more unsatisfied and sensual
the dad starts buying chocolates and junk food for the mom
the mum starts eating and eats until she feels sick
the dad starts bringing vegetables and fruits for the mum
the mum eats and eats
the dad thinks that the mum is now comfortable
nutrition from food starts to reach the embryo
the embryo feels hungrier and hungrier
the mum starts eating more and more,
And it goes on and on.
One day the mum touches something weird and wet at her pants, she starts to freak out because the dad is out of town, so she calls the aunt t come help her,
the aunt’s name was Susan.
Susan likes to drink two cups of double espresso in the morning, watching the bachelor while cooking and Fridays
Susan doesn’t like her boss, customers at her store, and wrongly folded papers.
“Susan! my water just broke, and I’m home alone!”
“Oh my god, congratulations!”
“congratulate me later sister it’s a mess here!”
“where is the new dad?”
“Out of town.”
“hold on I’m on my way, sister!”
Now Susan was at work, and the store was jammed, so she went to find the boss.
“boss I have to leave, my sister is having a baby like right now!”
“Susan, the place is jammed, and we’re short on two workers already.”
“It’s okay Greg will take care of it. I told him what to do, M’kay byee!”
Susan raced to her old pink mini cooper and drove to her sister’s house.
“Open the door” Susan screamed
The mum opened the door.
“Susan I can’t do this right now I have a lot on my plate!” Mum cried
“Shut up and get in the car!”
And off they went.
Mum was feeling very sick and hurt because I was trying to get out of her, but she kept screaming.
They got out of the car and ran to the receptionist,
“My sister’s water broke she’s literally having a baby right now, I need you to get her to the first delivery room!” yelled Susan
“Mam I need you to calm down everything is going to be okay,”
“Don’t tell me to calm down!”
“Susaaan! stop please, I can’t take this right now, go bring me chocolate from the vending machine!” sobbed mum
“right away sister!”
After a couple of minutes, two nurses came put mum on a comfortable bed and rolled her to the delivery room.
“It’s all gonna be okay,” smiled Susan.”
“Susan, please don’t leave me!”
“I’m here sister don’t worry, “said Susan holding her hand
Screams, stress, and sweat filled the room.
After a couple of hours, the nurses came back to the delivery room.
“it’s time, are you going to stay with her?” said one of the nurses to Susan.
“yes! Let’s do it.”
after all the screaming and pushing, I came out into the world, screaming.
I don’t know why I was screaming, but everything looked like it was taken over by a giant blob, and I didn’t know what all these blobs around me saying!
They took mum and me to separate rooms to rest after that.
After waking up, mum realized that her cousin’s wife is resting from her delivery too next to her.
“Oh hi may, how are you?” asked mum
“It wasn’t easy ill tell you that, but when I held Sam time just stopped for me,” said may smiling
“I know what you mean.”
And this is the first time Sam and Mosouka saw each other.

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