Bed time thoughts

“I’m sorry to tell you, but your son’s grades are getting worse every week!” said the principal to Mosouka’s parents.
“We are trying to settle him down, but as you know, we’re working parents, and we get home tired with barely enough time to support him, and he gets hyper at night.”
“Ms, I understand your struggles, but you’re not the only parents with these problems. Therefore the problem could be with the child himself.”
“what are you saying?”
“What I’m saying is your son might need some extra help, depending on his evaluations if you decide to take him to a psychologist.”
“I don’t think my son needs to see a psychologist!”
“He doesn’t need to, but it would help him very much, if not now maybe in the future!”
“I’m not sure about this; I don’t think my son is crazy!”
The dad looked at the mom, with wonder and said: “I’m sure that’s not what he means honey.”
“Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions in our society, we suffer from a great deal of ignorance, and that’s one of the cases. Our community thinks psychologists are for crazy people, but that’s not true. A great deal of successful stable people still sees a psychologist often.”
“I’ve never heard of anyone stable going to a psychologist!”
“Miss, I can assure you that many of our students meet psychologists on monthly and even weekly basis and various parents as well, they just don’t tell anyone so no one would see them as defects or strange.”
“I’m sure they have great programs honey.”
“that’s true, but in spite of all if you really wouldn’t like any of our programs, the shortest options that everyone takes is just getting a Ritalin prescription.”
“oh, we’re not giving him drugs.”
“This might be good for him, honey! he said that a lot of Mosouka’s classmates take this drug!”
“that doesn’t mean he’s right!”
“It’s better if you discuss this at home, once you’ve made up your mind, make sure to contact me on this number,” said the principal while giving them his business card.
when thee parents arrived home at 16:00 they found Mosouka playing with his cars, racing each vehicle with a hand while making sound effects and focusing on each car like he was filming with his eyes.
“Mosouka did you finish your homework?’
“yes, mom.”
“show me.”
Mosouka’s mom looke at the papers,
“Mosouka, what is this? you have alot of wrong answers, come on let’s review them together.”
“10 more minutes, mom.”
“I said now” screamed the mother
“I don’t know what to do with him,” said the mom to the dad
“maybe we should consider the principal’s suggestions.”
“But our son isn’t striped!”
“I know he isn’t, but we needed a solution, and he gave us some.”
they heard something falling.
“Mosouka, is that you?”
Mosouka ran to his bed as fast as he could and pretended to fall asleep.
Am I stupid he thought? Max didn’t do well last time in his test, and Ahlam kept talking in English lessons does that make the dumb too?
Oh I want not to be bored all the time, and studying is fun but not for a long time.
That’s it! I will spend less time playing with spiderman and batman and study more, maybe mom and dad would like me more.

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