Free prisoner

“Ash rash! Ash rash, hahaha” screamed Ash’s neighbors at him.
“stop it, before I come and kick you Masoud,” yelled Ashlyn.
Masoud and his friends ran at Ashlyn.
“What di you say to me?”
“you heard”
“We would like to hear it one more time, boy.”
Ashlyn felt a little tingling sensation going down his body.
“Did the cat eat your tongue?”
“Your mom is a harlot!” screamed one of the kids and ran
Ashlyn quickly tackled the kid and hit him on his nose; he looked back only to see the rest of the kids running towards him with rage, so he quickly climbed Kai’s fence and ran up the stairs as fast as he could without looking back, his body filling up with tingling excitement, knocked three knocks on Kai’s door.”
“Who is it?” yelled Kai.
“It’s me, Ashlyn.”
“One minute!”
Kai opened the door. Ashlyn rushed into the house, breathing fast.
“What’s up? why do you look tired.”
“Masoud and his gang chased me, and I kicked one of them.”
“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from ’em?”
“I did, but they started calling me names.”
“Just ignore ’em!”
“But I don’t like to be called no funny names, and one of ’em called my mom a streetwalker!”
“They’re just words, these kids are stupid, and they like to fight you know that, look my mom ‘didn’t want me to play today because I failed the last test and shes coming home in a couple of minutes, you should go home.”
Ashlyn went to the balcony to check if ‘there’s anyone in the street.
“‘there’s no one outside; I guess ‘it’s safe, bye!”
Ashlyn went down the stairs, slowly checking for any sounds.
“How long are we gonna sit on the ground Masoud!”
Ashlyn stayed near the wall until he reached his end, but there was another wall just a few meters away, he rushed to the other fence while crouching on the ground, and to the next one until he got to the wall that separated ‘Kai’s and ‘Harry’s yard.
He raced to the fence with his back bent and climbed it, but his pants got stuck, while struggling to free himself one of the kids was entering the yard, Ashlyn quickly loosened his pants and fell down making a slight noise.
“He’s at Harry’s yard” screamed Masoud.
Ashlyn hurried to the other fence,
“Where is he?”
“I swear I heard something here keep looking!”
“It must be a cat,” said one of the kids.
“Are you calling me a liar!” screamed Masoud.
“No, I’m sorry, Masoud.”
There was only one way to get out of the neighborhood, through the main street where everyone could see Ashlyn if he left. Thus Ashlyn ran as fast as he could, but one of the kids saw him.
“there he is!”
“everyone shoot!” screamed Masoud
the boys started shooting small plastic bullets all over the neighborhood, but none could hit Ashlyn, He went down to a parking lot and hid under a car.
“You can’t run forever Ash the rash.”
And they started shooting bullets everywhere to scare him off, but Ashlyn knew how to hold his breath after practicing with Mosouka in their “Secret Agency” which they founded.
Eventually, Masoud and the rest went home, and Ashlyn survived another day.
When Ashlyn got home at 9:00 he made himself a small sandwich of salami and vinegar infused cucumbers and watched Tv. his father was still working which was good he thought since he doesn’t have to explain to him why he got back late or why is he still up.
The next day he got up at 7:00 so he brushed his teeth as fast as he could, tossed water on his face picked up his bag and opened the door, only to find Kai’s car about to leave.
“wait, Kai! I’m coming with you.”
“good morning,” said Ashlyn while getting in the car
“good morning,” smiled Kai’s dad.
“What happened yesterday?” whispered Kai
“Oh, it’s a long story, did you study for the test?” said Ashlyn trying to change the subject.
Kai’s dad sneaked at them threw the mirror
“Yes, of course, do you need help with anything?”
“No, I studied too” fake smiled Ashlyn
“Stop talking guys I want to listen to my music” screamed Xandra
Xandra was Kai’s sister, she’s in high school, Xandra likes to wear black and white with converse or vans sneakers, old pop and rock music, magazines, and photography. She doesn’t like her brother, getting interrupted and mainstreams.
“Dad tell them to shut up.”
“calm down Xandra, kids just try to stay quite”
“I’m calm!” yelled Xandra
When we got to school, I went to see Mosouka and Yan.
This is how it was when I was in middle school, filled with loathing like a free prisoner who lost his way.

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