The first switch

It was a Sunday afternoon when we were all eating in the dining room what dad and mom made for us.
“So what do you think?” asked dad,
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” said mom
“I told you why I need to do this, I’m not going there to have fun, you know we need this right now.”
“I know but is it legal for you to travel, and what about us.”
“I’m only going for six months, you know you can manage, and if you need anything I’ll always be there for you, you know that.”
“I don’t know, I don’t feel too good about this”
“Sometimes, you have to take that leap.”
“but it’s not me taking the leap, it’s all of us.”
“of course, honey, we’re a family, and we’ll always be like that.”
and they continued arguing all night.
I didn’t know what were they talking about, but that night mom didn’t help me with the math homework that I had to do so I asked her if I could go to Yan’s and play with him, she was too distracted to argue, so she agreed.
How come you can come and play with me at 7:00 at night! your parents are awesome for letting you!”
“All the moms and dads have their goods and bads,” I told Yan
“My parents will never let me do that!” said Yan
“Let’s just play with the lego, betchya can’t build a better for than me!”
Yan had lots of lego pieces, so we played for hours, built and destroyed until it was 9:00,
“Mosouka, your mom called, she said you should go home.”
“Okay, just a minute!”
I sent a swarm of rockets at Yan’s fort, and he sent his army until the forts were destroyed and no fort was better than the other.
“Okay, buy Yan!”
“bye, my fort was better by the way.”
“hahaha, in your dreams.”
When I got home, my mom was pretty mad, because she didn’t notice that I stayed there half an hour past my bedtime.
“Sorry mom, I thought you said it was okay!”
“You can’t stay that late at a strangers house! it’s embarrassing, what if they wanted to sleep!”
“But mom, you sometimes go to your friend’s houses and stay later than I did.”
“It’s different, were adults, now go to bed,” she said
I went to my bed, urged me to be a bigger person so I could do whatever I want, but the night was still young.
For the next couple of weeks I stopped seeing mom and dad together a lot until one day we started going every Sunday on a family trip, today a Sunday we went to the theater and watched Minions which was fun, sang in the car until our lungs exploded and went to bed at night with smiles covering our faces.
2 months later, dad flew to the land of opportunities for his work.
Mom and dad skyped every day, and sometimes she’d let us skype with him too, but we still missed him and wanted him back home with us.
Our days started with school, followed by video games and homework, so we were distracted from the absence of dad; however, the yearning was still there.
Me and my brothers would sneak to each other’s rooms at night and play together, we’ve always done that but now it’s easier since my dad is away, It starts off with one of us not being able to sleep, he knocks on the wall the secret knock and the other one knocks back to confirm, three beats would mean I’m up and ready for a night adventure, two blows would be an approval and one wouldn’t be.
Oh, the adventures that we faced,, from floating pirate ships to rockets passing by the stars of the universe.
On Thursday afternoon we rode the bus back home from school only to find our dad surprising us, he’s back!
That night my uncle and his family came, and my grandma joined us for a nice dinner in the backyard a dinner like the one that we had a night before he went.
But the next night our lives would take a big turn.
“Mosouka, Kace, how are you doing?” mom said after gathering us in the living room.
“fine” Kace replied
“How was school, did you do your homework?”
“Yes, and I helped Kace with his reading.”
I said
“Good, good. The reason we’re all sitting in the living room is that your father an I are not going to live together anymore.”
“what do you mean, mom is he going on another trip?”
“No Kace, he’s just going to live in grandma’s house next door.”
“You’ll understand when you’re bigger.”
“your mother is leaving me, but don’t worry I will visit you and you can visit me every day!” dad said smiling
“no we talked about this, it’s not every day, and you can’t come here anymore!” said mom
they started arguing and shouting at each other.
Everything turned grey for me and my bother.
I was looking at my brother I could see him screaming, but I ‘couldn’t really hear him. My dad looked very pale, I was on the floor screaming at mom not to forbid dad from coming, but then dad suddenly fell asleep, and we couldn’t wake him up, an ambulance rushed to the house carrying him to the hospital that night mom stayed home with us, but we couldn’t stand to see her anymore so my brother, and I went to sleep fully clothed with dad’s gifts from his trip.

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