“Do you want to go to the boulder today?” asked Emma
“‘There’s a big possibility that I can, ‘I’m just gonna ask Rio first.”
“Okay, I can go after 16:00.”
“I’ll call you back then.”
Sarah is the smartest among her peers; she’s a co-dependent good looking person which makes it impossible to see her single. Sarah likes hanging out with Emma and Mosouka, her parent’s acceptance, exciting activities, and cold chocolate milk. Sarah doesn’t like the courses her parents made her attend since she was a child
when the group or her parents decide to do something differently (especially when it concerns her boyfriend) and germs.
Her parents weren’t too rich or too poor but still above average financially, but Sarah wanted to try to achieve here goals all by herself.
Thus Sarah started working recently at her father’s company after finishing school, which gave her a little taste of what “working for your dreams feels like.”
“Hello Emma, yeah, I can go today.”
“Alright it’s on I’ll call Mosouka”
“We’ll meet at 17:00.”
at the boulder, Sarah and Emma would climb the harder courses better than Mosouka since she tried it before.
“How can you make it look so easy, and I can barely climb the V2 course!” (V2 is the second level courses)
“Practice my friend, just like math, and every other thing that you’d wanna succeed in,” said Emma
“I don’t know, back in school I used to do all my homework just like you guys but would still get lower grades, I think it’s more about knowing how to practice than how much,” said Mosouka
“Yeah Yeah, enough philosophy and more climbing,” said Sarah
“So what are we gonna eat,” asked, Sarah
“It’s more a question of where rather than what since we always have burgers,” said Emma
“Have you ever wondered, why do we always eat burgers?”
“Because they’re simple, delicious and are everywhere but we found the best place out of everywhere,” said Mosouka
And so they went to Rubin’s for a little taste of heaven before going on their separate ways.
“Sarah, can you give me a ride?” asked Mosouka.
“Yeah. When are you getting your own license, man?”
“Not now that’s for sure.”
“Why, though?”
“I don’t have enough money to get a car, and I don’t live with my parents to take their car, other than that public transportation and cycling just works fine for me, it’s cheaper and healthier. plus I get to sleep, read, or do whatever I want on the long rides.”
“whoa okay calm down.”
“Okay, Sarah!”
“Why do you always accept giving me or others a ride? I know you don’t always want to.”
“It’s not like I have a choice, plus I like helping others, especially family. you got my back, and I got yours don’t worry about it.”
“Aight well thanks anyways girl” smirked Mosouka.
The next day Sarah went to her school meeting about the new afterschool programs.
“I think we all agree chess, computers, and art are on the list does anyone have any other suggestions?” said the principal
“I think we should proceed with the “Mind-shapes program that we started last year since it was successful considering its start.”
“We can but, no teacher is free for these preparations you need to be a part of this, and considering you’re done with school don’t you feel like taking a break or studying for college?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll manage, but I’ll need some help in terms of supervision and a bit of rule-making.”
“Yes, of course, well do whatever we can to help. Tell you what, come by my office tomorrow at 14:00 and we’ll make the necessary preparations.”
“Sounds good.”
Sarah then went to grab a bite to eat and went home for a nap, waking her up at 8:07pm a text from Rio.
“How was your day, babe?”
“It was terrific! I woke up early, ate my cereal, and then went to the school meeting. The principal accepted my project for the critical thinking afterschool program, which was amazing! So I treated myself after to a tasty “shawarma” Ahh that was like heaven I was like Hubba Hubba when I injected it with tahini. which made me get a nap, and here we are!”
“Oh, did I wake you up ?”
“Yeah kind of, but it’s okay.”
“What about you love?”
“Oh well I set my alarm form me to wake up at 9:00Am, actually they were 5 alarms from 8:30-10:00, woke up at 9:00 but the bed was so comfortable, so I couldn’t get up and ended up taking a nap till 12:00pm, after that I tried to play video games with my sister but that didn’t work so I researched a bit about studying abroad and then got distracted by my phone which lead me to watching Netflix and well here we are haha”
“Don’t worry babe it’s all good, somedays productivity isn’t part of the equation, so are we meeting tomorrow for lunch?”
“Yeah I’ll pick you up at 12:30Pm.”
“goodnight xo.”

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