A walk home

It was a sunny Monday morning I woke up at 5, the fresh air flowed into my room, I quickly washed my face and went straight to the roof just to get a good taste of the pure breeze outside before all the cars load up the streets with gas, screams of parents on late rested children roam our neighborhood.
I picked up my book and started reading on top of our neighborhood with a feeling of almost full pureness. But it wasn’t long until honks followed by angry remarks jammed up the road. so I went downstairs to prepare myself for another day at school day, packing my bag and waiting for my neighbors to leave so I can go with them.
Arriving at school right on time Ashlyn and I always went up the stairs together often with yan and complained about how shitty the school is. But we all would attend the boring classes and pretend to fit in our peer groups just to go through the day avoiding any comments.
When the school day ended we all rushed to the bus station to wait for the bus, but that day the bus was late so Yan decided to walk home and we followed him, we didn’t like to go back frequently alone, but this time it was the three of us.
“I actually love to walk home from school, or anywhere,” said Ashlyn
“Me too!” said yan
“but sometimes when I’m alone kids try to get into fights with me, and I don’t like that,” I said
They nodded agreeing with me
“you guys got to start standing up for yourselves, you can’t let these kids say bad words to you or hit you, you have to show them that you’re not afraid even if you are,” Ashlyn said
“But I can’t fight,” said Yan
“most of them can’t either, why do you think they walk in packs.”
we then strolled in our mindes knowing we’re thinking about what would we do if we were trained fighters walking home until Yan broke the silence
“So when are we going to play basketball.”
“I’ll ask my parents if I can go out tonight,” I said
“I think I can go after 6.”
and then our eyes were caught by a beautiful lady walking on the other side of the street.
“man why can’t I get a girl like that,” said Yan
“You probably can but do you even try?” said Ashlyn
“what should I say though.”
I don’t know man, you just need a good pick up line to start up the conversation and then it all flows because girls like to talk about themselves a lot after that, so you don’t have to put in much work.”
“what’s a good pick up line? I thought they were jokes” I said
“They are jokes that’s what’s fun about them, you can find tons on the internet.”
“I’m gonna buy myself some nuts and soda to snack over while watching tv when I get home,” said Yan
“Yeah me too,” said Ashlyn
“I’m gonna wait for you guys outside.”
When they went in the store, I stared at all the cars and school kids passing by, minding their business school when suddenly I saw a short kid about 12 years old walking home for the first time followed by some bullies who were picking on him, I yelled: “Leave him alone!”
one of the kids had a scar right by his left eye, he looked at me and shouted: “what did you say?”
he crossed the road followed by his friends leaving the kid behind running home, they looked angry.
“I think he yelled at me, did he yell at me?” he asked his friend smirkingly
“You shouldn’t pick on someone beneath your age,” I said
he quickly grabbed me by the neck and screamed
“you say that again punk.”
I tried to break out and use any technique I’ve learned in “krav maga,” but nothing worked.
They started pushing me towards each other, then I kicked one of them on the face bringing him down.
Just when they were about to beat me, Ashlyn rushed and did a 180 kick on the kid with the scar.
“go home mark,” he said
everyone scattered and continued on our ways
“This is not over Ashlyn! My brother will beat the shit out of you when I tell him,” the kid yelled.
“do you know them?” I asked
“Yeah they live near me, don’t worry about them.”
“I thought you said they don’t really fight you,” said Yan
“one wolf in the wild won’t attack you but a pack, especially when hungry, probably will.”
“I don’t like violence, maybe we could’ve just talked to them,” said Yan
“I tried, but the kid with the scar immediately chocked me.”
“don’t worry, Mosouka they won’t come near you again.”
when we got home, I tried to hide my neck with my hoodie and avoid my mother, so I took my lunch to my room and closed the room.
“clean up after you,” she said.

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