Ashlyn & Sarah

phone ringing
“Hello,” said Sarah
“It’s Ashlyn, come play video games at my house!”
“I’ll ask my mum.”
“Can I go to Ashlyn’s?”
“You just got home!”
“you need to do your homework first.”
“she said I need to do my homework first.”
“do them later!”
“I can’t, Ashlyn!”
“because she didn’t say yes !”
“okay” sighed Ashlyn
11:00 pm
phone rings
“Sarah, I just figured out how to get free membership accounts!”
“Yeah, it’s me.”
“it’s 11:03 pm, go to sleep.”
“goodnight,” said Ashlyn rolling his eyes
6:00 am
Sarah got up, brushed her teeth, ate her morning cereal, and watched tv until her father got ready to take her to school.
7:20 am
“Ashlyn! Ashlyn,” screamed Ashlyn’s mum
“5 more minutes mum.”
“It’s 7:30. We don’t have time! let’s go.”
Ashlyn got up, washed his face, took his bag, and rushed to the car.
10:00 am
“Sarah” screamed Ashlyn
“can you come today?”
“I don’t know I’ll ask my mum once we’re done with school.”
“Let’s go play four sticks!”
“Nah, I like electricity more.”
“I’ll go ask the teacher for a ball.”
“I’ll get some kids to join.”

Usually, Ashlyn & I would part on our ways after school, Ashlyn would walk home because his father is most likely at work while his mother is shopping or out with her friends, and I would wait for my parents to get me.
But today my father’s car wasn’t working, so I decided to go with Ashlyn.
On our way, home some people would look at us strangely, especially Ashlyn because of his unusually tall hair, but Ashlyn would frown at them until they look away; it’s like he’s looking for someone to fight!
We kept talking all the way until I looked at my watch and realized it’s been 43 minutes!
“We’ve been walking for 43 Minutes! Where is your house?”
“Oh, we’re not going to my house, not now at least.”
“Where are we going?”
“you’ll see,” Ashlyn smirked.
We walk by the city’s dumpster and up a hill.
“it smees like shit.”
“Remember when they took us to that place in summer camp for a treasure hunt?”
“treasure hunt?”
“Yeah, that place that they made, especially for the president of turkey.”
“Oh yeah, We didn’t end up playing that treasure hunt. Instead, we just sat there waiting for food and then got home.”
“Yeah, hahaha, well, I always wanted to see what’s up there.”
“Are we on the same mountain?”
“Yes, but from the other side.”
We danced with the wind as we got closer to the top, we saw a caravan parking.
“How do we get to the top?”
“you keep going up,” the man smirked,
“would you like a soda?” He said,
“yes, thank you.”
“10 coins he said”
“don’t worry I got you,” said Ashlyn
“Thank you.”
And we continued going up.
We found a group of tourists and followed them through the trees until we reached the top.
A tree was set with words under it, I couldn’t understand, but the tour guide was explaining that this was where our savior jumped, escaping evil.
We sat on the edge, looking at the world beneath us, listening to the tourists chanting.
“It was worth it” I smiled
“every adventure is”
“who knew this place existed!”
“Hahahaha, I guess the tourists know about our city more than we do!”
“they call it taking things for granted. It’s when you have so many beautiful things around you that you just forget to look left and right up or down and just get used to it, thinking about when your next trip abroad will be because Wahum got nothing beautiful in it.”
“you’re right,” I thought out loud
“The sun is about to set,” he said looking at the violet sky
“5 minutes and we get up, this is the best end of a day.”
we got up and ran home.

When I got home, my mom was there.
“where were you!”
“I was with Sarah”
“it’s 7:30! go, do your homework this instant!
“but mo.”
“don’t, but mom, go now, and when you’re done, go to bed.”
I looked down and whispered, “I’m hungry.”
she didn’t hear me, so I just went to my room and thought about how might I escape this messed up family;
I’ll take two pairs of shoes, three outfits and my favorite bag with Mr batman.
Oh, wait, I’ll need money too! Huh, how will I get the money? I guess 10 coins a day will do. How much is 10 coins*a lifetime?
Maybe about 1000 coins. Oh, I got it!

the next morning at school, Ashlyn told me about his big plan to escape his misery.
“What do you mean you’ll open a small shop, what are you going to sell?”
“you know stuff in the house that we don’t use and some snacks.”
“but why your family is so cool, you guys have this big house and all these toys and cool things.”
“it’s not enough, Sarah, I hate my family!”
“I know you didn’t mean that you can’t just leave Ashlyn!”
“look, just help me with the shop, and we’ll see what happens.”
“I’ll help you, but you can’t leave.”
“pinky promise?”
“pinky promise.”
I know my parents screamed at me last night for going home late and told me not to go out with Ashlyn again, but I like Ashlyn. He’s fun, were family.

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