The time I met Kai

I don’t seem to recall the time I met Kai; My Memory is stiff so one can never rely on it,
I remember us drinking chai, oh my.
As my memory recalls, we were playing in the neighborhood, and he would tell e about when he had moved to my boyhood.
“it’s a mystery,” I said
“What a misery” he replied
“somethings are just lost in history.”
“I swear on my mother’s grave,” Kai said while taking a breath, “The day I set my foot on this street is the day you and I met.”
He used to breathe a lot and loudly because, unlike the rest of us, he used to be overweight. But he didn’t carry that weight to his adulthood since he’s more in shape now.
“How could you recall such a thing” I wondered
“We all have good and bad memories; I try to keep the good ones from taking a swing.”
And not surprisingly was the case for he is telling us this story and not I.
“Ha, ha!” Kai gasped, “I had you all fooled, didn’t I?
don’t worry, I’m just telling this part of the story, for I haven’t been part of yan’s life all the time, so next time, I will only standing by with my dry eye taking a sip of rye while yan takes a seat by the fan.”
“Kai,” Yan said, trying to cut my words short.
“and opening a can.”
“hey, man? you just stopped my thing here!”
“Why are you rhyming all over the place.”
“you made me tell that story, so let me have my thing, dude!”
“haha alright,” said Yan
“This is a tale of how Yan and I crossed routs,
keep an open mind and stay away from your doubts
It was a Thursday morning, My father woke me up
“Kai, Kai”
“Yes, father?”
“We’re moving, Kai.”
“but this is our home.”
“our new house would be a better home, trust me!”
But it wasn’t; It is a small house with just the essentials.
While we were moving our furniture up to the building, I noticed some kids on their bikes racing, smiles, and challenging eyes filled their faces while they were screaming, trying to copy a sound of a motorcycle.
“Father! Father! Can I go join the other kids?”
He grabbed the bike from the van that was just a mess, and off I went.
I don’t tend to be reckless and am not hyperactive, so I remained calm and approached the others calmly driving near them.
And then he came racing from behind me and slapped me on my neck.
“Can’t catch me” Yan smirked
“Oh, I’m coming for you.”
and that’s when Yan gave me a tour of the streets without knowing it.
The next day my parents, sister and I all woke up recked from sleeping on hard mattresses at the floor last night, mum prepared breakfast while we washed our faces, and off we went to kindergarten.
Kindergarten was a funny time, we played for hours in the backyard, life was filled with colors and joys we even had our little fights about who’s stronger or who owned the fastest shoe eve fights over a girl.
“Do you remember?” said I while looking at Solomon
“Come to think of it not much has actually changed since back then. the strongest became the most powerful the fastest shoe is the best car and fighting over women well that became over men for me, haha!”
When we were going home, I saw Yan walking in the sidewalk alone.
“Hey!” I screamed
he waved at me, ran towards the car
“come in.”
“Hello sir,” said Yan trying to sound respectful to my dad
“What’s your name?”
“I’m Kai” I smiled back
When we got out of the car Yan told me to meet him at 16:00 in the street I said “Okay” and we went to eat.

“Mum, I’m going out.”
“out where.”
“uh, to play with Kai.”
“Oh good, you already have friends. wait to change your school clothes first.”

I went to meet Kai, turned out the whole neighborhood was there.
“Yo, where were you, Kai.”
“Oh, I was just changing my clothes.”
“Alright, we’re gonna play hide and seek. You can’t cross the street lines; all backyards are permitted, but houses aren’t. Jhon here will put his fingers, and you need to keep choosing until you get the right one.
Once you do, you’ll count 10 times the amount you got wrong.
don’t worry you’ll get it once you play it”
“can I come to hide with you for the first round?”
“yes, I’ll show you one of my spots, but you gotta find your own later.”
And that’s how Yan gave me a tour around the neighborhood.

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