The historic style of Ashlyn

Since last year my father had been working and getting his social life back together at the same time, which meant me and my brother could spend little time with him. My brother and I played and fought together just like any other brothers maybe a bit more, I remember once were playing some video games:

Pierce: “Go get us some snacks, Ashlyn.”
“Alright, but once I’m back, you’re giving me that controller.”
“Hahaha,” Pierce smirked. “Yeah, sure thing.”
I took my keys off the table and went to ask my grandma for some money to buy snacks, she gave me them coins, and I took off instantly. Bought us some soda, chips, and Nachos, scratch that off the nachos was just for me.
“What did you get?”
“Oh, all kinds of treats bruh, now give me that goddamn controller so you can check them out.”
“One more minute, wait.”
“shit, give me the damn controller!” I screamed
“Alright, alright, chill, damn!” said Pierce while giving me the controller.
I started playing some call of duty, got so into the game that I forgot there was any snacks or brothers around me,
“Pierce?” I shouted
I couldn’t find him; he was sitting right next to me.
Shit, did he take the damn snacks with him? I’m going to kill that sombitch, I thought.
And so I went looking for him.
I looked in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the street I almost looked everywhere though I couldn’t find any trace of him! He’s probably hiding at our grandma’s, so I knocked on the door, but no one would answer
“Pierce, I know your in there open the damn door!” I roared
He rushed out of the house hitting me in the legs so I couldn’t catch up with him, we raced through the stairs, and out of the building, he started climbing up the fences of our neighbors.
Damn, I taught that kid well at our agency, I thought.
I chased him up and down until he got back to my grandma’s home, I was about to catch him, but he instantly locked the door on my face.
Now, if you like action movies, especially die-hard, the next thing I’m about to do might sound convincing but dumb at the same time. So I kicked the door as hard as I can with my boots, and well, it broke.
my brother felt so scared
“Are you crazy!”
and I not wanting to let go of my ego took them nachos and went back home
when my father got home, Pierce told him the whole story, and my ass got grounded.
“when your ready to talk about this talk to me,” dad said
I was so pissed, and I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, I went to my room, closed the door and started thinking about it.
It’s funny how I was so mad, but I didn’t know what I was crazy about, I mean in the end, I did this, I kept thinking.
I fell asleep thinking about it, and when I woke up, it was about midnight, my father was awake listening to Frank Sinatra while working like he always does.
“who’s that guy you’re listening to, dad?”
“he’s called Frank Sinatra.”
“why is he wearing a suit?”
“I don’t know; I guess this was how they dressed back then.”
“He looks like a gentleman.”
“hahaha,” my father laughed, “he does doesn’t he”
the next day at lunch, we all were sitting on the table, and dad told mum about what I thought of Frank Sinatra.
We all laughed, but each of us for a different reason.
Dad laughed because of how I said it.
Pierce laughed because of how the man dressed.
I laughed because everyone else was
and mum did because she thought I was joking.
I finally had the guts to ask why was everyone laughing?

“That man may be an icon for gentlemen, however being a gentleman isn’t about the car nor about how you dress; being a gentleman is about how you behave. I’m sure your dad can tell you all about it, for he was the first gentleman I met, and it sure wasn’t about how he dressed.”

The next day I started looking through my closet for suits, ties and anything Sinatra wore, I found me a Navy blazer with wide shoulders, a black tie, two pairs of teal pants and a white checkered shirt, it was a mess, but I fixed up with sports glasses.
When mum got back home, she burst out laughing, seeing me like this, but I still had my first photo shoot.
We need to get you some clothes she said.

Easter is close, and that meant chocolate bunnies and new clothes!
We went next week to buy some clothes, ugh I hate when my mum goes shopping with me, she just takes too damn long to pick the damn clothes, and I’m just there staring and waiting for us to be done and go to the theater or at least get some snacks.
We walked into a clothing store; she picked up some clothes for me to try.
“I don’t like to try them on mum, let’s just get them.”
“no honey, what if they’re small or not good on you?”
“I mean, you know my size, why do we have to do that every time!” I said, frustrated.
“do you guys need any help,” the seller asked us.
“yes, please, do you have this in size 36, and are there any shoes like this, only velvet?” asked my mum, pointing at the t-shirt and the shoes.
We have these shoes, they’re not velvet, but they’re the closest you’ll get to velvet this season.”
what are they talking about, what the hell is velvet” I thought
“Mum, let’s just go, please.”
“just try on these, and we’ll be on our way.”
I tried on the clothes; my mum peaked to check me out
“wow you look amazing, alright get your clothes on.”
“wait, I want to at least look in the mirror.”
I got out, looked in the mirror. The seller was behind me.
“Hey, do you want your son to walk on our runway.” the seller asked mum.
“When is it?”
“it’s next month; he’ll be wearing the same clothes that are on that mannequin.”
“yes, of course.”
they exchanged their information, and we were on our way after my mum paid for her.
“what is a runway, mum?” I asked
“it’s like a place people go to show off the new line of clothes for a particular company, a part of an advertisement and an art show at the same time.”
“Okay,” I said sounding puzzled
and that’s the history of fashion and Ashlyn.

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