The tale of the Unicorn (intro)

Part one:

I woke up at 7:00 on a Saturday from the sunshine coming threw my window, I felt hot and uncomfortable, so I didn’t get back to sleep.
I fixed me a nice breakfast and started looking for an adventure, I do this almost every day (find some adventure), but it depends on how much time I have. I asked my uncle (because he knows a lot about nature and hikes) about a spot and started packing.

I was on a race; the car was moving going fast, we were passing the cars swiftly, suddenly everything around us looked so slow. I looked at Mosouka, “don’t look at me, go,” he screamed.
I went faster, and the cars started looking like standard cars, the road was changing, it became a highway. “Red light!” Mosouka screamed.
A cow was standing in the middle of the street, and we hit it.
I lingered in my seat, but Mosouka flew out the window.
Everything started turning grey sirens were everywhere.
My phone alarm started going off, I opened my eyes, and it was my mom, her mouth was open, and somehow she was making the alarm sound.
I opened my eyes again, looked at the table, picked up the phone.
“sigh,” it was just a dream.”
“Good morning Sid! Pack up, we’re going on an adventure,” said Mosouka on the phone.
“Uh, I um Good morning,” I stuttered.
“Oh, did I wake you up?”
“Well, good, get ready. I’ll meet you at the station at 9:00.
“UGH, I’ll try okay?”
“Good enough.”

On my way to the station, I remembered that I didn’t pack any food or water, so I went and bought some snacks and water which made me arrive just as the train was leaving. “Oh man, the next train is in 30 Minutes, well at least Sid is still not here.”
I called Sid
“Hey, where are you?”
“On my way.”
“well, that’s good. At least I have some company this time,” I thought to myself.
“Alright, get a ticket to Ard Al Mogamara.”
The train arrived, and we hopped on.
“Don’t talk to me until we arrive, Mosouka. I haven’t had my coffee, and That’s the first time in two years I’ve woken up this early!”
“Fair enough.”
He slept, and I started reading.

“We’re here, wake up!” said Mosouka while shaking me.
We got out of the train station and started walking on the streets.
“Wow, the streets are very organized here!”
“Yeah, because only the “mohtallin” live here.
I could never believe Palestine until now. The streets in “Wahum” are very messy. There’s trash everywhere, traffic Jams…they even have a bicycle road in here! I was in awe all the way until we crossed under a bridge.
“I don’t like this bridge,” said Mosouka looking at the walls.
“Because there isn’t a single scratch on them, this village is too perfect.”
I was puzzled, “what’s wrong with too perfect? you’d rather it being so dirty like our town?”
He rolled his eyes at me, “You know that’s not what I want, It can be clean and abstract at the same time.”
“What do you mean by abstract.”
“I mean it can have a unique thing in it, whether it’s graffiti on the walls or a specific design of the streets or just anything that’ll make it stand out.
Trust me, it looks charming here, but this is like the suburbs, boring and meaningless.”

about half an hour into the hike, Sid started to feel tired.
“Are we there yet?”
“There where?” I asked confusingly!
“I don’t know… at the end.”
“No, I said, rolling my eyes, what the hell man who goes on a hike to look for the end! The end is mostly in all journeys a parking lot or the same place you started from, and people come here to. Be. Happy.
he looked around and said:
“Let’s just sit here; I don’t feel too good.”
we sat on a spot with Lillies surrounding us. It was mystic.

We laid there for a while, I just was amazed by the place I was sleeping in, thinking about how it all came together, and somehow I figured I should ask Mosouka “Hey, what’s up with you always calling yourself a Unicorn!”
“Hahaha, well, there’s a short version and a long one for this.”
I thought about what he said before, “I’ll take the long one.”
“Good choice,” he said and continued.

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